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C:\Users\administrator>C:\winscp\ /privatekey=c:\winscp\priv.ppk /script=c:\winscp\sync01.txt

option batch on
option confirm off
open sftp://backup-sftp-01@
synchronize remote -delete c:\files /home/backup-sftp-01/zed

synchronize both
synchronize remote -delete d:\www /home/martin/public_html
synchronize both -filemask="|*.bak; *.tmp"

материал тут:

-preview Preview changes only, do not synchronize. Transfer settings switches -permissions, -nopermissions, -speed, -transfer and -resumesupport have no effect.
-delete Delete obsolete files. Ignored for both.
-mirror Mirror mode (synchronize also older files). Ignored for both.
-criteria= Comparison criteria. Possible values are time, size, either and none. Ignored for both mode.
-permissions= Set permissions (SFTP and SCP protocols only)
-nopermissions Keep default permissions
-speed= Limit transfer speed
-transfer= binary|ascii|automatic
Transfer mode: binary, ascii (text), automatic (by extension).
-filemask= [;...]
Sets file mask.
-resumesupport= on|off|
Configures automatic resume/transfer to temporary filename.

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